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Harmony Road Music Course (HRMC) is a comprehensive musicianship program using solfege singing, movement, and piano/keyboard to teach musical concepts and audiation (inner hearing). The first book in the series, The Music in Me, was introduced in 1981. Course founder, Jan Keyser, recognized the need for an introduction to musical concepts which would involve the whole child through active participation in movement, singing, rhythms, keyboard and creative activities. All Harmony Road materials evolved from thorough testing in classroom settings. 


The Founder - Jan Keyser

 The founder of Harmony Road Music Courses, Ms Jan Keyser is a composer, writer, artist and early childhood educator. She developed the first course in 1981 and has continued to provide high quality, research based curriculums to fill the needs of young students and their families.


The Owner, Chief Executive, Teacher and Teacher Instructor - Anna Goh

 In Nov 2008, Anna, a piano/music teacher for many years, went to the States to explore the possibility of bringing home "The Ideal Music Program" that she has in mind. She met Ms. Jan who shared with her the unique method of Harmony Road Music Courses (HRMC). Immediately after being trained by Ms. Jan, Anna recognised that she has found a gem. Anna became a Distributor of HRMC. After she came back to Singapore, with the assistance of her husband, Anthony, they brought the HRMC to the renowned pre-school, Pat's Schoolhouse and later to Malaysia. The Harmony Road Music School was opened on 22 April, 2010. The mission of the Harmony Road Singapore is to inspire every child and adult to make music part of their lives.


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