Events and Workshops - 2019

Events and Workshops - 2019
Date: 16th June & 26th October 2019

Student Recital 2019


Thank you for the photos and congratulations on the successful concert. I enjoyed the performances very much. The venue is also quite good, comfortable, quiet and elegant.

~ Mrs Joanna Teng and her lovely children, Bosco, Therese and Cantius.

Thanks Anna & your team for an excellent display of talents which would not have been possible without your dedication through the years -- you have taken your annual showcase up to another level. Well done!!!

~Mrs Reetha Sturgess, proud mother of Joshita

Teacher Anna, thanks a lot for your love to our son.
Enoch’s father was so touched that he teared up.

~ Mrs Amy Leong, proud parent of Enoch


Very nice concert!

Lou-Cheng was very happy...

~Mrs Dastot, proud parent of Lou-Cheng


Super! Thanks very much for what you have done for my son!

~ Mrs Decotte, proud parent of Louis

Growing from strength to strength. Keep up the good work. God bless!

~ Mrs Lim, proud parent of Natalie

Thank you Anna, it was a great concert.

~ Mrs Carine Marchessean, proud parent of Noèmie.



Thanks for organizing the great concert today.
The grand venue really motivated my girls to practise. Really pleased that they did well today!
Duration of the slot was also just the right length.
We look forward to the girls participating at next year’s annual concert.

~ Mrs Adeline Lim, proud parent of Charlotte and Kelly.


Thank you Esther and the rest of the teachers who have sown into the lives of our little ones!

~ Mrs Elaine Tan, proud parent of Michael.