Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Student Copy, effective from June 2015)

1.   All materials used in Harmony Road Music Courses are copy righted. No part of the materials may be copied or
      reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the founder, Ms. Jan Keyser.
2.   All school fees are to be paid by the first week of the term (1 term = 3 months), failing which an administrative cost
      of $20 will be levied after the 15th of the month. No reminder letters or invoices will be given. The school reserves
      the right to suspend or terminate the students’ lessons until all outstanding fees are paid.  All fees paid are
3.   New students upon enrolment pay a non-refundable registration fee and a one-month advance fee as deposit. 
      Ex-students who wish to come back for lessons need to re-register and pay registration fee.
4.   Fees are payable throughout the year, inclusive of school vacation periods and government gazetted holidays.
      Students are advised to attend all classes regularly as any lesson missed for any reason will not be replaced. If the
      teacher is absent, the teacher will arrange replacement of lessons. Alternatively, the school will arrange for a relief
      teacher to take over the class.
5.   To terminate lessons, one month (4 weeks) advanced written notice must be given or the deposit will not be
      refunded. Upon notification of termination, the remaining 4 weeks lessons will be made good subject to the teacher
      and the school justification. All lessons are to be finished within the period of 4 consecutive weeks from the official
      date of termination. No additional replacement will be made if a lesson falls on public or school holidays.
6.   Students who absent themselves for any period of time must continue to pay fees.
7.   All students will be considered dismissed voluntarily if he or she misses the lessons for more than 3 times without
      giving prior written notice. No refund will be given.
8.   There will be no regular lessons during Harmony Road Music School holidays and the school is closed on government
      gazetted holidays. There will be a total of 44 lessons in a year.
9.   Harmony Road Music School reserves the right to transfer students from one class to another and to dissolve the
      class when deemed necessary.
10.  Harmony Road Music School reserves the right to take pictures or videos of the students for publicity and
      promotional purposes.
11. Harmony Road Music School will not bear any liability for any loss of property or personal injuries during classes or
      within its premises.
12. The school reserves the right to amend all courses fees periodically.
13. Parents/guardians are requested to keep their child at home if he or she has a cold, fever, or any infectious disease.
14. The school reserves the right to include, delete or change any of the above terms and conditions with or without
      prior notice.