Ethan Timothy Phua Kheng Loong

Ethan Timothy Phua Kheng Loong

My son, Ethan Phua, now 19, had been learning the piano with HRMS for more than 10 years under the patient guidance of teacher Anna n teacher Cheryl. Both of them are friendly, encouraging and dedicated in their teaching. Teacher Anna, as owner of the school, is dedicated in helping students achieve good standards in the development of their musical talent. There was no pressure for my child to take any exams until he was ready. In the initial years, he was learning to play the piano for fun and when encouraged to try for the exams some time later, he agreed to take them willingly, progressively.


I’ve enjoyed the concerts organised by the school every year to showcase the students’ talents and the teachers also demonstrated their musical gifts as well, sometimes playing duets with their students - which I experienced to be both encouraging n confidence building for the children and also inspiring. A source of joy, indeed. I am both happy and grateful to have sent my child to HRMS to hone his musicality. The lessons, he would dutifully attend every week on his own accord as he also found it to be helpful in de-stressing from the pressures of studies from his primary, secondary and JC school days - he practically grew up with HRMS, I may say.


Music stimulates the brain, balances the mind and raises the soul when one merges with the music and the instrument being played. HRMS under the direction of teacher Anna and her teachers, helps to nurture students with their heart and soul. For that and their patience in teaching my child and going the extra mile in time and effort, I commend HRMS for doing a great job, with gratitude.


我的儿子,Ethan,现年19岁,在Anna老师和Cheryl老师的耐心指导下,已经在HRMS学习钢琴十多年了。 两位老师都和蔼可亲,对学生循循善诱,对教学精益求精。 作为学校的所有者,安娜老师(Teacher Anna )多年来一直孜孜不倦地帮助学生在音乐才能发展方面致臻至善。



把孩子送到HRMS磨练他的音乐才能,我对此既欣慰又感恩。 他会自觉自愿地参加这些每周的课程,因为他发现在他的小学,中学和JC上学期间,这些课还帮助他减轻了学习压力。可以说,他实际上是在HRMS成长的。

当音乐与奏鸣的乐器融为一体时,音乐就能刺激大脑,平衡思维并提升灵性。 HarmonyRoad音乐学校在安娜校长的指导下,和老师们一起全身心地帮助着孩子们的身心成长。 我为此感恩,他们以极大的耐心教导我的孩子,从不计较在时间和精力上付出的额外努力,我要说:HRMS做得真棒!感谢!

- Mdm YS Tan (10th Feb 2021)