Never give up

Never give up


I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old.

I quit playing the piano on two occasions, but Ms Keiko has helped me to endure and persevere through the years. I’ve enjoyed playing music in my leisure time, holidays, and festival events.


My plan after high school is to attend college, study business management and computer science. I will always keep my music talents with me whenever I go. I am proud that I have the ability to create wonderful music from playing the piano. It is great to listen to my favorite music on the radio, during concerts, and other special events, but most of all I can play many pieces.


If I could talk to a group of young music students at Harmony Road Music center, I would tell them never give up learning how to play and enjoy the music, to listen to the teacher, and do your practice. Playing the piano has taught me about endurance and perseverance. I was awarded two gold cups from the music festivals.


My talents have taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it, i.e. shoot a 3 pointer, design web sites on the computer, and ride a 50 mile Bridge Pedal.


Ms Keiko Kobayashi is the one who helped me to be successful. Without her encouragement I would never have been able to accomplish this musical talent.

- Trevor Lee