The sky's the limit

The sky's the limit


Riley started at 3 years old and has been with Ms Keiko for 15 years. She is just like a member of his family. Harmony Road Music has been great for fostering music into his life.


An accomplished piano 10 level player, Riley plays at open mic nights at Lasalle High School, where he is the 2008 Valedictorian, along with being featured in the musical interludes for their academic awards ceremonies. Last year, he had a paying position playing music at a large Christmas party.


With his friends, he has started a band playing their favorite songs .He has competed for nine years in Festival, earning three gold cups with superior ratings. As he heads off for college to major in Business, Foreign Languages and Writing, he leaves the music school which has come to be a “sanctuary away from all his other activities”


Riley would like to thank Ms Keiko and Ms Keyser and family for all their help.


Twins David and Emily Richmond and their younger sister Leslie, children of Mike and Sue Richmond, attended classes at Westside Music School from the age of 3, beginning with the Music in Me course. The Richmonds were part of the musical family at Westside Music School for over 10 years.


David Richmond is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Bassoon Performance from Shepherd School of Music at Rice University after graduating from Harvard in 2006.


Leslie Richmond is pursuing graduate study in flute at L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris after receiving a BA in French Studies from Rice University and a BM from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.


Emily Richmond graduated from Harvard in2006 and is pursuing a PhD in Music History from University of California, Berkeley, after receiving her Master’s Degree.


Emily says “One of the most important elements of my program as a PhD student in the music department at University of California, Berkeley, is the teaching of music history and musicianship to undergraduates. Every day I stand up in front of a classroom, I draw on the ingrained love of music first instilled in me as a child at Westside Music School, where the pursuit of music was equal parts art, enjoyment, and community. These are the same values I aim to pass on now to my students, whether they have been playing an instrument for years or they are just now being introduces to Mozart”


Tiffany Barclay started her music education at Harmony Road Music. She is now a national award winning composer, having received first place for an ensemble composition her senior year in high school. This spring, her musical, Chosen Destiny: Esther’s journey was produced by Trueheart productions at Mount hood Community college and include 15 original songs.


“How can one orphan girl go against power, politics and peril to save her people from genocide? The musical, based on the Biblical account of Esther, brings captivating theatrical entertainment to the stage, interwoven with intricate choreography”


When you start Harmony Road, the sky’s the limit!

- Riley Kimball